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Wardrobe keeps on changing with age, time, and fashion. Women love this change; however, most men are resistant. It seems like a very daunting task for men to transform their wardrobe. The transformation is even more complicated when the shift is from a guy to a grown-up man. But in reality, it’s not as tough as you think. This article will provide you 5 basic rules or tips to enhance your wardrobe or dressing. By following these pointers, you can be rest assured

Rule Number 1

You should own few classic wear shirts to be worn for different occasions. Shirts are must for any type of formal wear. In business functions and corporate meets, you will have to wear a formal shirt paired with either a tie or may be with a suit. On the other side, casual shirts are perfect for weekends and get-togethers. Just put your t-shirts on and you are fit for casual events. T-shirts and shirts are a definite part of your wardrobe, but the style and combinations need to be different suiting the occasion.

Rule Number 2

Suits are obviously very expensive, but it is worth owning. For a matured manly look, nothing can be better than a nicely tailored suit. Have at least two of them. One pair of black suit can be shopped for sad events like funerals and another pair for events such as a date or wedding functions. Gray colour is a popular suit colour and looks very classy too. Single breasted coats will never disappoint you and they give a versatile look.

Rule Number 3

Well, there are not many varieties of apparels for men like we have for women, but in case of pants, men are always ahead in terms of variety and style. The style of your pant should gel well with what you choose to wear on top. Dressing up with the proper combination is very important in order not to attempt a fashion crime. What you should never forget while dressing up your lower body is that right fit is the key to look smart and trendy. No matter if you are wearing your 5 years old pair of designer jeans; if it perfectly fits you then nothing can beat it.

Rule Number 4

Lace-up leather shoes in black colour is a very useful item in men’s wardrobe. A pair of boots and loafers is another type of shoe you must have in your closet. Shoes are highly noticed and judged in men by others. Similarly, belts play an equally important role in your dressing. They hold your pants and save you from getting into embarrassing situations. More importantly, it gives a very smart and fashionable look if matched appropriately.

Rule Number 5

Ties reflect men’s personality. You will require few for daily use. These need not be very loud and colourful, but rather should be decent and simple. Ties attract lot of bad attention if they are not worn properly. So, a tie should be neatly wrapped around your neck and have appropriate length. It should be neither too short nor too long as both look very foolish.

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